Sunday, June 12, 2011

World’s Best Cat Litter


Years before I got my first cat I researched what kind of litter I wanted to use. (Yes, I’m a little odd.)

At that point I decided I wanted a natural litter that was biodegradable, flushable, and dustless.

So I decided on Feline Pine. XD

After we got cats we used it for several years and it was okay. When one of our cats started avoiding the litter box due to urinary issues, we briefly tried Swheat Scoop. I know some people swear by Swheat Scoop, but when it mixed with urine, ugh…. >_< The smell made me gag! There was no way we could keep using it. (The cat is fine now, btw.)

Time went on, and I decided to check out cat litters again just to see what was new. I read up on World's Best Cat Litter and figured we’d give it a shot. It still met my requirements of being natural, biodegradable, flushable, and dustless.

And O.M.G!!!! This stuff is AMAZING!! We have no issues with smell, it clumps great, and our cats took to it right away. What surprised me the most is how long one bag lasts! With three cats a 34lb bag lasts over a month. o_O

It’s made from corn, but for some reason the multi-cat formula naturally smells like BBQ. (I’ve had other people give a fresh bag a whiff, so I know it’s not just my brain that’s smelling BBQ.)

Once it’s in the litter box the BBQ smell dissipates. But yeah, that part is weird. *^_^* Regardless, I’m a total convert. I wish we’d started using it sooner! 

If your local pet store doesn’t stock World's Best Cat Litter  (or if you just prefer delivery), you can order it from Just click the link above!


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