Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Kapoosh - The only knife block you'll ever need.

a knife in a Kapoosh blockThis is no exaggeration! Kapoosh knife blocks are completely different from the typical solid knife-blocks that you're used to.
A Kapoosh block uses hundreds of flexible "freedom rods" to hold your knives in place. There are no pre-cut slots. The rods mold to the shape of your knives!
Additionally, the rods slide out as group and are dishwasher safe (top rack only!), which makes this the easiest-to-clean knife block that I’ve ever seen. o_O
my Kapoosh block and some plants When I first heard about Kapoosh knife blocks they only had two shapes available: an oval stainless-steel model, and a wood-framed block. I opted for the wood frame. It’s right there to your left. I usually don’t keep it by the plants, of course!

I've had it for almost four years and I still love it! My knife collection has fluctuated over time, but the block always looks perfect. No empty slots to guilt you into buying unneeded items! (I'm a firm believer in buying knives that you'll use instead of just getting a matching set.)

This is one of my favorite kitchen items and frankly, I think it’s a must-have for anyone with a non-standard knife collection. (Gah. That sounds kinda creepy. I’m talking to chefs here, not murderers! (I hope…))
You can find Kapoosh knife blocks  on Amazon, or you can just look at the sideshow below to see what they have. ^_^


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